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Ronald Reagan Story

By John Ellis dot com

A Few Things You Don’t Know About Ronald Reagan and Oxygen….Unless you’re one of our customers

Most people don’t know that President Reagan went to Germany back in the 1980s to beat a horrific disease because treatment with OXYGEN wasn’t available here (our German Pat 601 17968.4) during which time so many people went to Mexico that the Washington Post finally investigated the phenomenon (WP article1/27/92) that Regulators let us use: “10,000 people/day, Cures Anything” with a description of our Mexican Patent 23 9719: “The curative power results from the movements of water between two metal tanks. They call it MIRACLE WATER but it’s strictly scientific,” while running the water into a well!

Ronald Reagan had to go to Germany to get a treatment he needed that was not available in the U.S.

A young girl in Ohio, with her father making the water, did over 200 wells that are outlined in an old brochure with State Inspectors passing even commercial wells while shaking their heads in amazement! An ACRES, USA fanner weighed philodendron buds on a gram scale to make sure they were the same size and put them in all types of water i.e. tap, distilled, pond, water with added nutrients and just our “light” distilled (you could also use the “light” tap from the machine) showing root growth six times that of any other water (when you increase the Hydrogen Bond Angle (HBA) from 104° (ordinary distilled is the worst at 101°) to 114° it will go through ANY membrane easier with 22’ corn and 28” ears of com (newspaper pictures)!

Also saving cattle with the scours but the human side soon took over with the phenomenal results they don’t want you to know about … like the Ronald Reagan story and G. Abraham M.D. doing independent research at UCLA Medical School: “Nobody can argue with something you can measure! We can measure the ability of Blood, 94% water, to go through a membrane into the cells to the extremities. Nothing is even close to your water at 114° Hydrogen Bond Angle!” (Measured by a SEM, scanning electron microscope) We knew it already from our customers i.e. Regulators let us use non-invasive means, saving diabetics from amputation soaking their feet in the water. Scientists know (above 108° like Alcohol) with a 114 hydrogen bond angle, OUR WATER MOLECULE will go through your SKIN providing lifesaving OXYGEN in TWO WAYS (YOUR LUNGS and YOUR SKIN) without the dangerous side effects of hyperbaric oxygen (2-3 times atmospheric) where ONLY OXYGEN goes through your skin unlike the whole H2O molecule with a 114 HBA!!

A retired 80-year-old professor with TWO MIT Chemical Engineering Degrees has a novel way of proving it! Like electrolysis, your Immune System needs ENERGY to stop disease by letting water into Hydrogen and Oxygen. ORDINARY WATER HAS ZERO ENERGY needed by the Immune System to stop disease (Watch a video: adding only 20 DROPS of our water to ordinary water = 3000% more energy)!!

I was at a NYC airport in the 1980s when a man came running up to me with a half-jug of water: ‘Thousands of people are going to Mexico to get your water!” I thought that he had “lost it” until the orders started pouring in giving us the money to build our 418-acre research center on top of a mountain we bought overlooking the Delaware River. Our customers are invited to join the festivities at this gorgeous property with a one of a kind Gatehouse and Pavilion including miles of roads with estate lighting and underground utilities to protect the visual beauty, this is a unique setting for visitors.

SEARCH: Daily Mail, terrorists poison water supplies 12/23/14! ! Would you rather have a useless filter/distiller that purifies ONLY ONCE or HUNDREDS OF TIMES PER GALLON??


DON’T BE FOOLED BY INTERNET ”EXPERTS” THAT SPREAD DISEASE BY LYING ABOUT THE MARKERS FOR CANCER AND ANYTHING ELSE YOU CAN NAME IN A BLOOD TEST! IT’S NOT THE REGULATORS, it’s the lying filter/distiller Dealers and their shills!! In fact, Regulators reviewed and RETURNED TO US, with their comments, the chart of a person with inoperable cancer (on the sidebar: ”A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”). We were obviously timid about using the chart but Regulators told us it was alright if it’s from a credible source including a Washington Post Investigative Article (also on the sidebar) with a description of our patents: “10,000 people/day travelling to obtain our water!!”. This success led to the development of our beautiful 418 acre property with a picture of the Gatehouse entrance on our website. We invite our customers to join the festivities at the property!

Oncologist Dalton Kinsella M.D. on this website called me to say: “Your machines cure cancer!!” When I asked him how he knew that he said: “Since I retired from Sloan Kettering after 30 years as an Oncologist, I don’t have access to your machines anymore!” That’s how we find out they have them because it’s not an approved device as yet although we now have FREE MACHINES available to them that were donated to us as a humanitarian gift including a gift that we received to combat EBOLA in Africa! After hearing about our machines, an African M.D. was so anxious to get one to fight Ebola he ordered an E5 ON HIS OWN CREDIT CARD and subsequently called us with the great results that led to a generous humanitarian gift from a wealthy benefactor that is known for many contributions to help society. As a result of this gift, if the hospitals in Africa want a machine…all they have to do is contact us!!

When you use my method of heating and cooling water it weakens the hydrogen bonds and moves the Hydrogen Bond Angle (HBA) from 104 degrees in ordinary water to 114 degrees in John Ellis Water®. For years, customers have asked about the oxygen bubbles when they pour a glass of our water. When you open up the HBA to 114°, the water molecules have additional room to hold more oxygen but this also weakens the hydrogen bonds so the OXYGEN coming from your lungs and from the H2O PASSING THROUGH YOUR SKIN into your blood stream can be released into the cells more easily, which is how this works! Your cells are receiving OXYGEN from your lungs AND from your SKIN!! G. Abraham M.D. noted. when doing independent Blood Flow studies at UCLA Medical School, since your blood is 94% water: “Nobody can argue with something you can measure. We can measure the ability of blood to go through a membrane and into the cells. No other water is even close to your water because your Hydrogen Bond Angle is 114 degrees!!” Again, at 114 degrees John Ellis Water° will go through your SKIN when ordinary water WON’T, carrying more OXYGEN to the cells that stops disease!

Dr. Abraham bought at least six E 5 machines from us followed by 100’s more after he told the medical community about this discovery. Using a SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) the HBA is measured at 113.8 degrees (to be exact) making liars out of “experts” on the internet, causing the NEEDLESS demise of millions of people worldwide because it has been measured 100’s of times. If you look at the charts, CO2 in the atmosphere has gone up exponentially along with Cancer and other diseases since 1950 resulting in a need for a greater amount of oxygen to prevent disease! Our 114° HBA water supplies that need!!

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