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The Energy in John Ellis Water

by John Ellis dot com

Video Proof – John Ellis Water Machines Produce 3000% more measured energy THAN ANY OTHER WATER.

MEASURED BY ELECTROLYSIS, The easiest water FOR THE BODY to split into Oxygen and Hydrogen. The Energy in John Ellis Water can very quickly turn into a HYDROGEN ECONOMY! The COST OF ENERGY to HEAT YOUR HOME, PRODUCE ELECTRICITY and POWER YOUR CAR will be almost nil!]

In the past (using electrolysis), it took too much energy to produce Hydrogen. With the energy in John Ellis Water, the ENERGY REQUIRED WENT FROM 30 AMPS TO ALMOST ZERO!! Again, WATCH THE VIDEO AMMETER using ONLY 2O DROPS of my water added to ordinary water and you will realize why Scientists from all over the world are talking about this discovery!!

As noted, our customers include the world’s top scientists from the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore Laboratory who called John Spokes, the Advertising Manager at the Washington Times, CONFIRMING that we had changed the Hydrogen Bond Angle in ordinary water from 104.5 degrees to 114 degrees making it easier to split the water molecule into Hydrogen and Oxygen (producing a CHEAP source of ENERGY)!!

Now, for the FIRST TIME, a simple AMMETER DEMONSTRATION PROVES (unlike ANY other water) that the energy in John Ellis Water PRODUCES ENERGY to DESTROY even terrorist “additives” that travel like Drugs for miles to municipal water supplies.



LOW ENERGY WATER CAUSES DISEASE because it takes energy from YOU to reach the equilibrium which is why you have low energy!

PROOF?? MEASURE THE ENERGY: A 9 Volt battery, grocery store items and $10 ammeter!!

13 patents describe how we PRODUCE HUGE AMOUNTS OF ENERGY to FIGHT DISEASE using heating & cooling as taught by PLATO (purifying 100’s of times per gallon, NOT ONCE!!) and 332 FDA tests, scientists now know the ENERGY in water is measured by the Hydrogen Bond Angle; HBA (starting with the lowest energy level to the highest):

101° (ordinary distilled water)

104° (ordinary water)

114° (John Ellis Water)

114° Steam, the ENERGY that started the Industrial Revolution with the invention of the Steam Engine by English inventor James Watt!

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