which damages your DNA! A major CAUSE of Aging and Cancer! Discover Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW) at the NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH NIH . GOV Dozens of studies “Revealing Water’s Secrets”that confirm the phenomenal DDW results we receive but WITH A TWIST! To produce DDW you have to RE-DISTILL water 60 times ($300 for a small bottle!) However, our machines DISTILL AUTOMATICALLY … 100’s of TIMES/GALLON (not ONCE!) and by doing this 100’s OF TIMES you also produce water with MEASURABLE ENERGY that powers your HEART (defibrillator!) Your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to keep you alive! With 13 Patents 332 FDA Tests it’s the rage worldwide! BUY DDW BOTTLED WATER or MAKE IT AT HOME … for PENNIES and take a 501C3 Tax Deduction!

  • “The one that produces the most Hydrogen Energy…

    the Fuel of Life!”

    - Nobel Prize Winner Albert SZENTGYORGY

    Our water has 30 TIMES THE MEASURABLE ENERGY of ANY other water using only 20 drops!!


    USE ANY WATER YOU WISH (energized, alkaline, hydrogen, oxygen, distilled) AND DISCOVER NOW!!

    John Ellis

    "Fifty years ago the hydrogen bond angle in water was 108° and you rarely heard of anyone with cancer. Today, it's only 104° and, as a result, cancer is an epidemic!! By using our machine you can increase the bond angle to 114° and, unlike any other water, doctors can see an immediate change in the red blood cells under a microscope! It's truly amazing!!"

  • Scientific Data, browse our material

    to find out how John Ellis

    Water stacks up against industry laB standard tests

  • Killing pathogens that threaten human health.

    Now you have an opportunity to try the most patented distiller in America. Thirteen patents and 332 approved FDA studies. What do these 13 patents do, and why are they needed? Isn’t a water distiller a distiller with or without patents? Of course. The difference comes from what happens to the water being distilled. The John Ellis Electron 4 and Electron 5 distillers so something no other distillers on Earth do. They create energy while re-purifying the water hundreds of times per gallon using heat and UV light to destroy viruses and other pathogens that pose a threat to human health. Don’t think of the John Ellis Electron distillers as just another home water distiller, because it isn’t. Think of it as the Paul Bunyon of home distillers that does wonders both for home use and commercially.

    For example, in April, 2003 Crystal Clear

    received a telephone call from the City of LaSalle, Colorado which was having a problem with their 5-acre sewage waste lagoon and were being threatened by the State of Colorado with a $10,000 per day fine if the waste lagoon was not cleaned up immediately. The lagoon contained 10.5 million gallons of polluted waste water.


    On June 3, 2003 the City of LaSalle reported that 24 hours after the lagoon was treated with 1,000 of John Ellis treated water, the odor was gone. Six weeks later, without dredging, 30% of the human waste sludge in the lagoon had dissolved.


    What made that happen? What makes the 13 patents unique is that the Electron 4 and Electron 5 distillers do something no other distillers do—they permanently change the bond angle of the hydrogen in the water molecule from 104° degrees to 114° degrees. So, let me ask you a question: How many other home water distillers have the ability to permanently alter the hydrogen bond angle of water? The answer? None. That’s why there are 13 patents on the Electron 4 and Electron 5 distillers.

    Stop The Mass Extinction





    That is why today they delicately put only precise radiation doses directly into the CENTER of a tumor to reduce the side effects of damage to surrounding tissue! RADIATION TO THE TISSUES IN ANY FORM CAN BE DEADLY as noted by a government cancer warning even years after radium treatments were stopped! Radiation damage from a power line coming into a building varies as the inverse square of the distance from the cable . . . like leakage from a microwave oven! Royal Rife also discovered that every Virus & Bacteria destroying us has a different DESTRUCTION TIME and I list them under Scientific Data using SAFE radiation and heat exposure directly to water (not human tissue) because YOU are 75% water. Blood is 94% water, with 100’s of cycles of UV and heat which changes the MEASURABLE Hydrogen Bond Angle from 104º to 114º so the IMMUNE SYSTEM REQUIRES LESS ENERGY to split water into Hydrogen and Oxygen and there is MORE ENERGY AVAILABLE TO STOP DISEASES like EBOLA: (MD in Africa “Your water works both in and out of the hospital!”) where it dropped like a rock! As a result, the FDA contacted me (it’s not an “approved device” yet .. . claims are for the water only) so I sent them the hospital chart of an “inoperable” Sloan Kettering. cancer patient where they wrote “water started here” (on our website) that had been returned to me by FTC fax so I could use it with a confirmation of the results by a famous Oncologist: “Since I retired from Sloan after 30 years, I don’t have access to your water anymore!” and bought our E5 machine.

    I mentioned in my letter to the FDA that I ranked #1 on the World list in the Discus in 1957 (Track & Field News Vol 10, No 12) but gave it up because I knew that FDA Approved Anabolic Steroids would damage the heart and “Since they listened to me then, would they listen to me now?” As a result, all my Olympic Champion friends that took them are DEAD and “The Godfather of Steroids,” Dr. John Zieglar died at 63: “I should have listened to him because I damaged by own heart and I wish I had never created anabolic steroids (now banned) after seeing athletes abuse the drug!”


    As a result of the above and the fact that the machines make both low and high volume water, small amounts of this powerful water added to ordinary water can change vast quantities of water with a 24-hour cascading effect as it changes whole aquifers and human waste lagoons (Municipal Letters: “Only 1,000 gallons of your water sprayed on our 5-acre waste lagoon with over 10 million gallons of e-coli got rid of the smell in 24 hours saving us millions in the cost to build a treatment plant!” Like the proverbial mustard seed or leaven (Luke 13), the powerful cascading effect gradually changes any body of water in 24 hours! BY DESTROYING THE ENVIRONMENT WE WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING THAT LIVES IN THE ENVIRONMENT!!


    However, at 85 (this is a family effort) we will be here to maintain YOUR health and the health of the environment 100 years from now! Thirteen Patents, 332 FDA Tests


    In a message dated 4/14/2010 5:57:39 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, bruce@********.*** writes:
    Thank you so very much! I was enjoying reading through your Bible Questions today, but only got through 6 or so before preparation for speaking tonight precluded further reading today. I did click on the John Ellis water link. Is that for real? If so, I would sacrifice $1,500 USD to buy and send a machine back to China.


    Yes, it is for real. My wife has ovarian cancer. John told me about a man who works for him–for free. The man had terminal cancer. At the request of the man, his doctor at Johns Hopkins told him to try the water since, in the doctor’s mind, he was dead anyway and if it gave him peace of mind, it would make his passing easier. Only, he didn’t die. The cancer went into remission and the tumors shrunk. In my wife’s case, she started drinking John’s water and when they operated on her, the cancer (still identifiable as cancer) was reduced to a sandy granular substance that does not attack flesh (which is how cancer kills). Her CA125 is still elevated, but the cancer is not doing anything. Because she has chronic pancreatitis, her immune system is already gone, which means chemo or radiation would kill her. She had the surgery about three years ago. Her condition has not changed. Among the papers I found on John’s website, and used in an ad for him came from a news article written by the Washington Post about 20 years ago about a “miracle well” in Mexico. People were coming from hundreds of miles, carrying jugs to fill from this man’s well. The well was purified with John’s water. Thousands of miraculous cures were reported. When the Washington Post interviewed the man, he told them there was no miracle water, only water purified by Crystal Clear’s distillation process. The Post persisted in reporting the miracle. You can reach John at (845) 754-8696.

    Your water machines cure cancer!

    With an Engineering background and with Degrees that include Steam Plant Design, all I did was produce the results they were looking for as noted by a typical phone call after my discovery, patented in 13 countries: “Your water machines cure cancer!” He said he had been an Oncologist for 30 years and since he retired from Sloan Kettering, he didn’t have access to our machines anymore (below)! Since this was previously unknown to modern science (it can’t hurt you because it’s ONLY water!), call Jon Spokes with his wife’s cancer success story, at THE WASHINGTON TIMES that has fielded 100’s of phone calls (we advertised every week for 14 years) and THE WASHINGTON POST ARTICLE: “10,000 people/day” that describes my patents. (Click on the sidebar). Also, click “About The Inventor” (on the sidebar) for a story out of WW 2 with horrifics that will SHOCK YOU! Gilbert C. de Daunant (below) risked his life saving these people and his brother was jailed for insulting a German officer! ORDER A MACHINE (above) and receive a FREE stainless steel coffee maker, water dispenser with sight glass (while they last)!


    CANCER: IF YOU READ THE WASHINGTON POST ARTICLE (“10,000 people/day” on the sidebar), THE COMMENTS TO THE WASHINGTON TIMES and THE RYTER REPORT (click below), YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHY ABOUT 1/3 OF OUR CUSTOMERS ARE CANCER PATIENTS (Regulators let us quote from any credible news source) and why a man said in a typical phone call: “Your machines cure cancer!” When I asked him how he knew that he said: “I have been an Oncologist for 30 years and I just retired from Sloan Kettering and I don’t have access to your machines anymore!” His name is Dalton Kinsella M.D. Although we have heard from these people for years, that’s how we found out they have our machines because it’s not approved as a medical device. If you look at the AMMETER ENERGY DEMONSTRATION V IDEO (below) you will see how easy it is for the body to also split our water into hydrogen and oxygen. Since your blood is 94% water, THE HYDROGEN BURNS UP THE IMPURITIES (and markers for anything you can name) in your blood stream and Sloan Kettering Oncologists tell us after 2-3 days the urine starts to smell (light brown and light green!)! Dr Guy Abraham M.D. mentioned our 114 hydrogen bond angle years ago when he independently tested our water when he taught at UCLA: “No other water is even close! You can’t argue with something you can measure!!” Regulators let us use this because it’s non-invasive but the water industry and their thousands of Dealers and shills have stonewalled this discovery for obvious reasons to the detriment of their fellow Americans! Typical letter just received: “My daughter in-law doesn’t need an operation for throat cancer!” (hydrogen burned up the CA125 marker?) 60 years ago when I was in Engineering School, I didn’t know anybody with cancer, MS, fibromyalgia or diabetes. Now, they are all epidemics!


    AN 83 YEAR OLD TELLS YOU HOW TO AVOID A HEART ATTACK (below)!! ONLY 20 DROPS of our FREE ENERGIZED WATER reveals the amazing HEALING POWER OF WATER confirming Sloan Kettering Oncologists reports (below) with a 114 degree Hydrogen Bond Angle change (instead of 104 degrees) which is also your KEY to virtually FREE ENERGY! (click Ryter Report). The AMMETER VIDEO (below) PROVES it’s the ONLY “ENERGIZED WATER”!! ANY OTHER WATER may cause CANCER because it has NO MEASURABLE ENERGY! Use an Ammeter!! (“CURING ANYTHING: with over 200,000 testimonials!! The Washington Post 10,000 people per day”: sidebar The Washington Times) Today’s filters, distillers and ph ionizers are the CAUSE of HORRIFIC DISEASES because of LOW ENERGY (Video Proof!) They don’t allow ENOUGH Virus and Bacteria Destruction Time (click the Scientific Data on the sidebar) to destroy the CANCER VIRUSES, MS etc. If you change the HYDROGEN BOND ANGLE in any ordinary drinking water from a SLUGGISH 104 degrees to 114 degrees it clears arteries by increasing measurable blood flow! The only COUNTERTOP MACHINE that “cures” with the ENERGY FROM WATER! In 1988 our YORK LABORATORY MACHINE tests (on the sidebar) resulted in FTC ORDER C-3220 because of all of the other ordinary “water purifiers”, filters, distillers and “PH” ionizers: NONE can meet the Laboratory Standards for Pure Water!! AP 2/10/08: 57 drugs flushed into the groundwater are now in municipal tap water (below)!


    *WATCH THE VIDEO! The power DROPS from 30 amps to virtually ZERO by adding ONLY 20 DROPS of HIGH ENERGY water to ordinary LOW ENERGY tap, filtered, distilled or ionized water! Also, at 114 degrees, users look years younger with more energy because the “Body Electric” *REQUIRES LESS ENERGY to split water into hydrogen and oxygen!! The ENERGY VIDEO EXPOSES all the water scams and the “scientific” debunkers that made fools of themselves saying: “You can’t change the hydrogen bond angle in water” (when it’s MEASURABLE)! Our energized water machines produce “light” tap and “light” distilled water because ordinary distilled water (you wouldn’t drink) goes through these obsolete machines ONLY ONCE!! As a result, it has a hydrogen bond angle of ONLY 101 degrees while ours is 114 degrees for *PHENOMENAL results (Watch the AMMETER VIDEO): 85% of our bottled water customers re-order. Read what Elmer Bobst, The American Cancer Society founder had to say at my home (below)


    ORDER A MACHINE 808-673-6684! With military contracts in the 1960’s, John Ellis predicted the Scorpion and Thresher submarine disasters (the worst in naval history) to his in-house military inspectors! Before you meet a similar fate because today’s water “filters” were designed for the 20th century NOT our 21st century water that requires 100’s of cycles of purification because of the constant threat of cancer and other horrible diseases from your drinking water that is DEVOID of energy (Video proof below), call us about a third party book that will shock you with details about the “self styled experts” that have become infamous because they are also putting greed before the lives of millions of Americans! In spite of our patents in 13 countries, even lying Russian scientists say they are “curing cancer and other diseases” that they now call “their” miracle discovery!! They all spin a different story and name for the water but this simple Video (even using just two wires as the anode and cathode) proves who is telling the truth and that includes people with NO DEGREES IN THIS FIELD that have caused their own untimely demise. Again, add ONLY 20 DROPS of my “Energized Water” to ordinary water (Video below) and see how much more Hydrogen and Oxygen your body produces using VIRTUALLY NO ENERGY!! Look younger, live longer because the “Body Electric” requires LESS ENERGY to split water into Hydrogen and Oxygen by electrolysis like the Video (below)!! Since it’s non-invasive, Regulators let us use the comments from Sloan Kettering Oncologists (below): Since your blood is 94% water, after 2-3 days they confirm that the urine smells to high heaven as readily available Hydrogen burns up the impurities in the blood that caused the problems in the first place!!


    At 83 years of age, my cholesterol is 146, triglycerides 65, heart attack risk 1/2 that of normal. After a physical my M.D. said: “You get younger and everyone else gets older!” No special diet or exercise etc. Feel GREAT, have fun and live your life WITHOUT the things in water that we know about that can slowly kill you!! As a result, after 40 years in business, we can tell you that thousands of people that purchased ordinary water filters/distillers designed for the 20th century (NOT the 21st century), that don’t allow enough DESTRUCTION TIME, died of horrible diseases while the results with our machines (below) is now a matter of PUBLIC RECORD at the DEQ!! Typical letter: “ONLY 4 DAYS after receiving your machine, the cancer changed color and started to shrink!! Your machine does everything they say it does!” Our sales started to boom in 1983 (Fly Ash from burning fossil fuels in the air causing viral infections! CDC.gov 10/14/83) Finally, THE WASHINGTON POST article (“10,000 people/day” sidebar). Now, you KNOW why (over 200,000 machines later and patents in 13 countries) this WORKS!! A letter received today: “In a town of only 3000 people, 300 have cancer from Fly Ash Viruses!” MORGELLONS DISEASE FIBERS from mold in plants and VEGETABLES: A world wide pandemic so terrifying, DOLE FOODS scientists tested our water for 9 months with a 7 page contract that we can send you with your machine because of MOLD on the banana plantations that causes the disease!!


    John Ellis Electron 5 Machines Outshine other machines on the market.

    Deuterium Depletion: The Most Powerful Health Hack You’ve Never Heard

    Today we're talking about an element that you probably didn't learn about in school, deuterium, and how it is likely contributing to the slow but steady degeneration of the human population. Our guests are Dr. Que Collins and Dr. Laszlo Boros, who are leading experts working to educate people on deuterium through the Center for Deuterium Depletion so that we can heal our bodies and improve the health of future generations.

    Ben Greenfield on Biohacking Cancer, Deuterium, Structured Water, EMFs, Reversing Cancer

    Ben Greenfield of BenGreenfieldFitness.com discusses: EXACTLY how non-native electromagnetic fields (WiFi and cell phones) cause cancer, What would Ben Greenfield do to reverse cancer?, Deuterium isotope linked to cancer showing up at higher levels in food, Drinking deuterium depleted water (light water), Home air purification, Building biologist consultation to ensure your home is a healthy home (not a harmful home…), and MORE.


    Share with your family, friends & health aware individuals.

    Video Proof – John Ellis Water Machines Produce 3000% more measured energy THAN ANY OTHER WATER. ...
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    Think of our machine as the Rolls-Royce of home distillers that does wonders both for home use...
    With military contracts in the 1960’s, John Ellis predicted the Scorpion and Thresher submarine...
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