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    Received 10:44 AM K.T., Ohio
    Hello Kelsey,
    Thank you for getting my order out quickly. I'm excited to start my personal experiments and I already have a powerful one. I am working on recovering my body from 2 rounds of chemo a year ago. It left me with a parasite condition and neuropathy in my feet n legs tht can be quite unbearable at times. I don't take pain meds but I've tried diff methods. Yesterday, before bed, I soaked each foot in jst enough water to cover my feet. I put only about half cup(or less because I'm cherishing it like gold and using sparingly to make it last before I'm able get more)of Ellis water in bowl. I soaked for about 45 min. And i slept all night without having to get up once and tend to the neuropathy symptoms. This is truly amazing and I'm still ok after that one soak last night.




    John, we’ve had the e4 machine about 10 years, never tried this before. We have a 33,000 gallon swimming pool. The filter is broken and the water had turned DEEP olive green with green foam and scum on it. Chlorine is not working no matter how much I add. The repairman is coming out this week to fix the filter and he said try to clean up the water first. I told him cholorine/shock not working. Today we left for a meeting at 11 am and before we left I added 5 gallons of e4 water to the pool. Upon returning home about 6 hours later my wife said “look at the pool”. Virtually all the green was gone and the water was almost blue. I could not believe it. How does the e4 water do this???? Gord




    Testimonial found on the net:

    I have a water treatment and chemistry background and the Ellis machine is the ‘real deal’. I have many people purchasing gallons of water a week for drinking and most all tell me, the benefits they receive from drinking it. One woman gave it to her crippled daschund, and within 5 months of drinking the Secondary water from its bowl, the lady’s dog regained the use of its back legs and is now running around with other dogs, at the park. The lady spent $1400 at the vet, for a diagnosis, that her dog couldn’t be treated and perhaps she should put her dog down. She’s now glad she didn’t. We’ve had dozens and dozens of customers, praise the water for its benefits, even diabetics, prostate problems, breathing issues, and on and on.

    “I’ve been researching and building hydrogen generators for big trucks since 2007. So, when a friend of mine sent me a copy of the John Ellis water advertisement from a magazine I went ahead and requested a free sample of John Ellis water to test with my new HHO (hydrogen-hydrogen-oxygen cell design.


    “After mixing KOH and well water for the electrolyte, I connected my cell to my Pulse Width Modulator that pulses energy from a 12-volt battery. As suspected, the amps shot up to over 35 amps blowing a few 30 amp fuses. So, I added two cups of hydrogen peroxide to dilute the electrolyte.


    “The cell had excellent HHO output and the amperage immediately dropped a little bit down to 29 to 30 amp range where it remained. Every day I ran the cell for about 15 minutes and the amps remained in the same 29 to 30 range. Then my 4 oz, free sample of John Ellis water arrived so I put 10 drops of the water into the electrolyte. I continued to run the cell several times a day for 15 to 30 minutes and, to my surprise, the amperage kept getting lower. It was using less of the battery’s power to make hydrogen. A couple of days later the cell was still producing lots of HHO, But the amps had dropped to about 15 amps, then to 12, then to 7.5 amps. So, I decided if a little more John Ellis water could make the electrolysis so efficient, I would add another 10 drops. The amps continued to drop. I was dumbfounded.


    “My electronic engineer said there had to be something wrong with my ammeter or I messed up my experiment somehow. After seven days of testing, it remained steady at 1 amp—but the HHO output was the same was when the cell required 33 amps. Today, I decided to save the electrolyte with the John Ellis water and use it to test a brand new cell in case there was something defective with the original test cell. To my total amazement, the cell began to produce lots of HHO as it was ‘broken in’…but the amps dropped from one amp to an indicated zero amps.


    “The ammeter goes up to 60 amps so the calibrations are coarse, but even so, my new cell is using no more than 1/2 amp to produce lots of HHO. As a researcher who devotes all of his time in the study of using water for the fuel process, this appears to be a breakthrough since I’m producing abundant HHO (lots of energy when burned), using almost no electrical power to generate the HHO fuel. This is the cleanest energy on the planet since the only emissions when HHO is burned is pure H2O. If the John Ellis water is used with my new cell design, fuel mileage will go way up. The HHO can also be used to heat and power your home because they are no harmful emissions, and it is so efficient the devise, using John Ellis water as a booster, consumes very little electricity.” Each new discovery man makes is a new first step of a new journey to even more important discoveries. Stanley Meyers started the journey that David Davies now walks. Davies footsteps just crossed paths with the footsteps of engineer and scientist John Ellis who discovered that H2O with a bond angle of 114 instead of 104 permanently alters water and makes HHO burn a hundred times more efficiently.

    Someone tested our water’s energy and let us know about it……



    Someone tested our water’s energy and let us know about it……

    John I just received your free bottle of water and have done some test on it. Thought you may like to know what I have found. I run a radionics machine that I can test for (general vitality). If you are not familiar with what it is, it is just measuring the energy of anything I test. I am going to round off the numbers. When I tested my water without your water it measured about 250 points. My water (12 ounces) with 17 drops of your water added the energy of my water reached about 45,000. When I took the same size glass of water and added 20 drops of your water the energy went to 50,000. It did not seem to change much after that when I added more drops.

    I took my DNA which showed and energy level of 3800 and added my water with the 20 drops of your water the energy of my DNA rose to 760,000. The energy seems to only last about 3 hour. I would like to get one of your machines down the road and do more testing. Thanks again for your free water sample.





    I have asthma from severe allergies to airborns that put me in bed and am trying to recover from a 10 day attack that hasn’t responded very well to breathing treatments and steroids and haven’t been able to go outside without a return to wheezing, shortness of breathe and the throat tickle which makes me cough a lot .

    I also have stage 4 kidney disease and resulting almost intractable high Blood pressure running 220/100. The medication makes me very sick, nausea, headache, severe fatigue with burning painful upper body muscles on movement. I stay in bed a lot and can only stay up for a very limited time.

    This morning I woke with all of that and thought it would be hours before I’d be able to get out of bed as usual.

    I received my sample of water last night and put it in a galleon of our well water. This morning 1 drank 2 pints and in a few minutes the lights got brighter, my chest opened up and my throat quit tickling. My headache receded and the other debilitating side effects of the blood pressure medsI have to take subsided by 75%. Wow!


    My husband tried it too. He is a farmer and raises cows and has been working them this week but he developed a reoccurring “hot” muscle spot under his left shoulder with pain radiating down his left arm past his elbow. This was bad enough he has had to stop working. So, he drank a pint of the water and rested a few minutes and reported that the radiating pain was gone and then in about 45 minutes he said the ‘hot spot was gone as well. He is now back out in the field working the cows.
    He just came in and said the pain is still gone.



    G.d. Cull recommends John Ellis Water.
    August 27 at 4:31 PM ·
    Been using E-Water for some 3yrs now. I filter & process inorganic minerals out of the city tap water Before it enters my E5machine. Keeps my equipment free from mineral buildup. Zero ppm in and Zero ppm out. Best Water I’ve ever consumed. I’ve been in water treatment field for some 25yrs., and nothing compares to John Ellis DDWater. I make my Colloidal Silver with it and my Food Grade H202 with it. Outstanding!. Helps a lot of folks here. Thanks for being there John. You’ve done a Great Service to Humanity.




    Thank you very much for getting back to me. I’ve been having problems with my prostate and was scheduled for surgery when my brother Bob called me and said that he had bought your machine. He asked me if I would try some of your water before going forward with my surgery, I agreed. I drove to his home in Truckee Ca, about. 100 miles from my home in Placerville Ca. I drank your water while there and within hours. I was able to void and the severe burning in my bladder was gone. I stocked up with a couple cases of water and headed home. I’m on my way to Truckee tomorrow for more water, still feeling great. I’m saving now for my own machine, I’m disabled and moneys slow coming in but I’ll get there. I believe that your water is a miracle from the Lord, thank you so much for inventing this wonder gift for all. God bless you, Dennis – June 12th 2018




    Testimonial from 2011

    I made an experiment it involved me stopping the use of JELMW water for up to one year.

    Well I didn’t quite make it a year and as a result after 24 hours since having my first glass of John Ellis Living Water machine water in 9 months I want to report my observations.


    first, I want to states that during this last 9 months I have watched my over all energy drop. Also during this time I went from sound sleep without medications or vitamins. Also I saw an increase in my blood pressure levels, heart rate, and blood thickness. When I would cut myself the blood did not run it generally clotted very quickly as sign of blood thickness which raises blood pressure 112/80 with an average 72 heart beats per min.


    Also, I take Tramadol regularly for back pain. Not everyday maybe once or twice a week. As a side note some lower back pain can be attributed to constipation. Something that happens when you used Tramadol. When drinking JELWM and taking Tramadol I had normal evacuation each Morning that is normal for me. While not drinking JELWM water my system would backup anywhere from12 to 24 hours before the next evacuation. So there was a difference.


    Upon drinking me first glass of JELWM water in 9 months I had to immediate reactions. As soon as the water hit my stomach my esophagus and stomach had a refreshed feeling. I can’t explain the feeling except to say “ah, refreshing”. Also there was that sort of light headedness I experienced the first time I drank JELWM water 5 years ago.


    Later in the day I took my Tramadol 100mg within 20 minutes it seemed for the first time in 9 months100mg was to much (I think I will half my does to 50mgwhere I was 10 months ago with JELWM water). The medication went to work faster than with normal tap water. Also this morning about 12 hours after taking my medication I had a normal bowel evacuation right on time no constipation.


    Yesterday, my blood pressure after drinking JELWM water went down to 100/70 with 54 beats per minute. My heart beat is slower but if your getting enough oxygen to your blood it is ok. I felt no dizziness or anything from this slow heart beat. This was noticeable before I stopped drinking JELWM water. This morning my blood pressure was the same with a heart beat around 58. Believe it or not this is my norm when drinking JELWM water. I purposely picked a scab off from a wound I got earlier this week. When it originall happened it barely bled. But after taking the scab off it bleed for a few minutes before stopping. This was observed to be normal when I was younger and after drinking JELWM water.


    I slept sound last night even though I got up to urinate twice. Falling back to sleep was no problem. Over the last 9 months and before I ever started drinking JELWM water this has been a problem if I awake I will have difficulty falling back to sleep. Not sure why. Note: I do sleep better on the nights I take multivitamins. So I will observe tonight when I don’t take any vitamins. I will place a note at the bottom of this post tomorrow.


    In conclusion. There is no doubt that JELWM water does in fact have an effect on my body. Being normal I would say this same effects could be noticed upon anyone’s body though they may vary in intensity. The water does in fact soften stool and allow for normal evacuation. Some will even have more evacuations or more frequent if they are less than everyday. Blood pressure is affected by the water in take and blood thickness is thinned. And it gets more medication to your blood quicker and in more quantity than regular tap water.


    F.Y.I. the pH of the distilled water was 6.5 neutral it is not acidic or alkaline. pH of the Runoff was 8.3 (hard water and very alkaline). but it still taste good and was very clear. Mix the two and you will get around 7.0 which is still neutral. pH will vary depending on your water source.


    I will start making JE living water on a regular basis again for the health benefits far outweigh the cost of its operation.

    I hope this has been helpful to those who are interested in this Machine.




    In a message dated 4/14/2010 5:57:39 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, bruce@********.*** writes:


    I did click on the John Ellis water link. Is that for real? If so, I would sacrifice $1,500 USD to buy and send a machine back to China.


    Yes, it is for real. My wife has ovarian cancer. In my wifes case, she started drinking John Ellis Water and when they operated on her, the cancer (still identifiable as cancer) was reduced to a sandy granular substance that does not attack flesh (which is how cancer kills). Her CA125 is still elevated, but the cancer is not doing anything. Because she has chronic pancreatitis, her immune system is already gone, which means chemo or radiation would kill her. She had the surgery about three years ago. Her condition has not changed. Among the papers I found on Johns website, and used in an ad for him came from a news article written by the Washington Post about 20 years ago about a miracle wellin Mexico. People were coming from hundreds of miles, carrying jugs to fill from this mans well. The well was purified with Johns water. Thousands of miraculous cures were reported. When the Washington Post interviewed the man, he told them there was no miracle water, only water purified by Crystal Clears distillation process. The Post persisted in reporting the miracle. You can reach John at (845) 754-8696




    In a message dated 9-15-2010 8:39 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, meow3 @**net writes:

    Does Crystal Clear market the higher bond angle water for purchase in America? My mom is borderline for needing 02 at night, and I am wondering if this water could help her neuropathy in her legs due to poor circulation. Makes sense that if not enough 02 is reaching her extremities, that a boost would help. Also might help her fight the chronic urinary tract infections she has had for 20 years. The brain is also dependent on an adequate supply of 02 – would be worth trying to see if her cognitive function would improve. I am reaching, but it is not like filling someone full of drugs that could have nasty side effects. Jo

    (Crystal Clear – www.Johnelliswater.com)




    Yes, they do. I am sending this e-mail over to John Ellis. Hopefully, whomever opens the mail at Crystal Clear will print this off for John. They sell the distillers that do it, and the bottled water. The bottled water is here, on his website: www.johnelliswater.com. While I know first hand the curative powers of that water, John or one of his people can probably answer your question far better than I. My wifes stage four ovarian cancer turned to a sandy, granular substance that, while still cancer under the microscope, does not attach itself and devour the flesh. My wifes oncologist (depending who you speak to, is the first, second, or third best oncologist in the United States and, he consults with the other two on every case he has, and they likewise, consult with him). When he saw what happened with my wifes cancer, he was baffled. The three oncologists have decided to call her cancer, near cancer. I did not learn, until about three months ago, that the same thing happened to the cancer in the Sloan Kettering survivor I mentioned in the article.




    To John Ellis: February 2, 2010

    Since I bought my 3 Litter bottle last December I feel so different – Have more energy and less aches and pains in my body. I am 81 years young now. ( 82 in April ) Feb 2008 I went off all ( about 15 ) drugs I was taking – What a difference that made in my body! Now even my oldest son went off all his drugs too – He will be 58 in March! Thanks a million! G. S. Appleton, WI




    Mr. John Ellis, COPD TESTIMONY May 29, 2009

    My Name is Daryl Cook and live in B, New York. A little over a year ago, I ordered my first bottle of John Ellis Water, to see if the claims were true as to the nature of your water. When I received my first bottle, I followed the instructions, and added about ten drops of your water to each 16.9 oz bottle of drinking water I drank. I have to admit I could not believe as I drank the water, I could actually feel the oxygen going into my body. After using your water in this way for several bottles, I was feeling much better than I had before using your water.




    In October of 2006, I was diagnosed with asbestosis, and had constant pain in my whole chest cavity. COPD was also diagnosed, both from working almost 20 years in Boiler Plants. My doctor had me on a Compressor/Nebulizer, using Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation solution to help my breathing. But unfortunately it did not help with the inflammation in my chest cavity. I thought I would try your water, instead of the Albuterol Sulfate. I felt it could not hurt, as I probably inhaled at least that amount of water [as steam] when I showered each day. The results were immediate and miraculous. As I inhaled the vapor from the Nebulizer, I could actually feel the oxygen getting into my lungs, and the inflammation went away. I found that if I use the water in this way for 3-4 days, I can go 1-2 weeks without anything until the inflammation begins to come back. Breathing outside in the winter is much easier, with little to no pain.


    I was seeing a Pulmonary Specialist for the COPD/Asbestosis on 6 month intervals and I told him what I was doing at the end of one of my visits and he just looked at me and walked out of the room. Six months later when I went to see him, I told him again that I had stopped using the Abuterol Sulfate and was just using the John Ellis water (about 3-4 cc), he listened to my chest. He said my chest was completely clear and to keep doing what I was doing. He also said I would have to see him once a year now.

    One more thing. My grandson is 9 years old now, but was born 2 months pre-mature. In January of this year, my daughter-in-law brought him and my granddaughter to my house, to take them to school a few hours later. I noticed my grandson had a Kroop cough. I got the Nebulizer out, and had him breathe the John Ellis Water [3 cc]. Before we left for school, the cough was gone completely.


    I can not say enough about Mr Ellis and his water. As soon as I am able to I will be purchasing one of his machines. Both of my grandkids call the treated water. Magic Water, and I will continue to call it just that.

    Thank You very much Mr. Ellis, Daryl Cook July 2009




    Denise’s Husband Has Multiple Sclerosis and Regains Feelings in Hands and Fingers.

    January 22, 2018


    I have been using the LWM-5 Electron Machine for 3 weeks now and have noticed I have much more energy throughout the day. My husband has Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and his hands and fingers have always been numb. Multiple Sclerosis is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body. Since he has started to drink the Energized Life Water (3rd week) he has noticed his hands have started to regain some of the feeling. He can feel tingling in his fingers now which means that his nerves are starting to repair themselves. This is a miracle!

    -Denise T.

    Denise T. Rejuvenated Her Skin With John Ellis Soap



    January 22, 2018


    This fabulous Tea Tree, Lavender, and Lemon Grapefruit soap makes your skin and body feel so clean and fresh. Your skin is rejuvenated and squeaky clean. My face also feels tight all day long. I love this soap, and I have given out lots of samples and others say the same. You can also use this soap with dry skin, and to treat acne.

    -Mary T.




    Dog Survived Getting Hit by Car Using John Ellis Water
    January 16, 2018


    Our eleven-month-old Golden Doodle got hit by a van after chasing a squirrel into the road. When my wife brought him home I carried him off the back of a truck and into our house. I laid him down on a mat, and he was struggling to breathe. I appeared like he had a pneumothorax (fluid in the lungs) which can cause you to suffocate to death. I told my wife we needed to get him to the animal hospital ASAP. After getting there they immediately took the dog for x-rays.


    Diagnosis: Our Golden Doodle had a 10%-20% chance of surviving, and he was in the ICU in critical condition for two days while he was at the animal hospital. He had lung contusions, fluid surrounding the lungs, internal bleeding, liver/spleen damage, a ten-inch huge open gash under his right front leg (muscle was showing through the open gash), possible bone fractures, a large open wound on his head, swelling in his right front leg, and scrapes under his back-left leg.


    The doctors told us that our dog was not a candidate for surgery due to the lung contusions when we brought him in initially. If they gave him anesthesia there was a chance he might not be able to breathe on his own. The two days our dog was at the animal hospital they ran a bunch of tests, monitored his oxygen levels and overall health. They gave him morphine, pain medication, and a drug to stop internal bleeding. The first night they had him hooked up to oxygen. The next morning when they tried to remove him off the oxygen machine, and his oxygen levels decreased so much they had to hook him back up to it. At the end of the second day I decided to bring the dog home and treat him myself. The vets said there was a chance he might die if I took him home, and they did not agree with my decision. They said to do hydrotherapy three times per day on all the open wounds to encourage tissue growth and healing, give antibiotics two times per day, and give pain killers as needed. If he struggled to breath they said to bring him to an emergency animal hospital ASAP.


    I decided to not give pain killers or the antibiotics to our dog since his liver was still healing from the initial trauma. I did not want to give our dog anything which could cause more liver damage. I decided it was ok to leave the dog in some pain if that meant he had a better chance to live. I gave him the homeopathic Surge HP three times per day to take away the shock, reduce pain, and clear the fluid surrounding the lungs. I treated all the open wounds with hydrotherapy once per day, and used Argentyn Colloidal Silver Hydrosol, and John Ellis Water inside the open wounds to promote tissue re-growth, and to keep the wounds clean and sterile. I also gave our Golden Doodle John Ellis LWM-5 Shungite Healing Water to drink in the morning and at night for the five days we kept him at home.


    After five days, we took our dog back to the animal hospital, and the vets performed an additional two x-rays on his chest to verify his lungs here clear of fluid. They came back and said he was a candidate to get his wounds stitched up. They were impressed with the amount of tissue re-growth, and how much his lungs had improved in five days. The improvement in five days was supposed to take three to four weeks. I attribute this to the John Ellis Water, Homeopathy, and the Argentyn Colloidal Silver Hydrosol. Since he has been home he has been going for walks on a leash, and is so happy to be alive and with his family!

    -Robert A.




    Keith G. Had a Body Cleansing Experience and More Energy
    September 13, 2017


    A week after I received my John Ellis water I experienced some amazing results. I started by mixing 1oz to one gallon of purified water. The first thing I noticed was a sizzling feeling running from the bottom of my chest on both sides to the top of my neck. It felt as though it was cleaning out arteries that had some blockage. The energy this Life Water gave me was very intense, and it was different feeling compared to the energy I get mixing Happy Water with purified water. I really felt as if I could have run 2 miles without being phased because I had so much energy. I am going to finish off the gallon I mixed, and then mix 15 drops of Happy Water, and see what effects I get from that. Overall you must try this John Ellis Life Water. The results are simply amazing!

    -Keith G.




    Jody S. Lost Weight and Has More Energy
    September 13, 2017


    I was visiting Robert in Texas months back, and he showed me his water purification system. I learned the water was a better quality than you could get anywhere. All impurities are removed, and the water tastes amazing. I began to drink only that water for a period of a few days, and I noticed so much difference in the energy levels I had and even my moods. I felt ready to go and energized every single day thereafter. I brought 3 gallons of it with me to my house, and after drinking it for many months I began to lose weight. My overall sense of well being began to improve, and I wanted to begin to make healthier choices. Now my diet is strictly organic, and I my energy has skyrocketed compared to what it was six to twelve months ago. I would absolutely recommend this water to anyone who wishes improvement their life on many levels. Give Robert a call and get some of this Life Water for you and your family. You will be very glad you did!

    -Jody S.




    Zenita H. Has Less Joint Pain, Feels Energized, and is Ultra-Hyrdated
    July 22, 2017


    I absolutely love this water! I workout 6-7x a week, and it was always so hard on my body. No matter how much water I would drink, I always felt dehydrated.

    I have now been using John Ellis Life Water for over a year, and I couldn’t be happier with the results! I feel energized, have less joint pain, and feel more hydrated than ever! I don’t drink purified water unless it has a couple drops of the John Ellis Life Water in it. I now carry the Life Water in a dropper with me so I can use it when I go out to eat.

    This is an amazing product and I recommend to anyone and everyone! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    -Zenita H.




    Sarah C. Body Pain and Achy Joints Healed
    July 19, 2017


    There have been a couple of positive things using the John Ellis water that have impacted my health and food preparation I would like to share in this testimonial.

    I have a lot of aches and pains in my body and joints. There was recently a four-day period where the joint pain was unbearable and moving about was very difficult. All I could do is wait for the John Ellis energized water to arrive. It came on the fourth day I was in pain, and I opened the box and immediately pored a half cup of this life water in my glass and drank it quickly. Drinking the energized water took some initial pain away after a couple minutes, and most of the aches and pains in my joints was gone the following morning after a good night of rest. The best way I can describe this feeling is the following – “It felt like someone had taken out all my bones and just threw them back into my body in no particular order.”

    Now that I was finally pain free I decided to see what affect the John Ellis life water would have on my food. I mixed some John Ellis water with purified water in a bowl for washing fruits and vegetables. After washing the vegetables in the John Ellis water the greens immediately came to life. I was so excited I decided to wash some fruit. The fruit also gained some new life from the gnats that were destroying it. Then it occurred to me that the life water had no bacteria, viruses, or pathogens – IT IS PURE, AND LIFE GIVING TO MY FRUITS AND VEGGIES!

    Now I cook with John Ellis water and drink it all the time, and I feel totally GREAT!

    -Sarah C.




    Lucie H. Eliminated Body Toxins and Improved Skin Appearance
    January 4, 2017


    I have been drinking this wonderful water for four years now. All my animals drink it too, and it makes such a difference on their coat. It makes their coat very shinny and soft. I also gave John Ellis water to my chickens, and I noticed they were bigger than my friend’s chickens. The chickens were bought at the same time from the same group of chickens.

    I can’t wait to make my own garden too, and start using the energized water to grow fruits and vegetables. I have more energy and my skin looks so much better. I use the restroom more frequently, and the energized water helps me to eliminate the toxins in my body. It really does make such a big difference. I tell a lot my friends about the healing effects of the water, and some of them are skeptical but that is their loss. My advice would be to keep and open mind and try it!

    -Lucie H.




    Shattered Ankle Heals Weeks Ahead of Schedule
    November 21, 2016


    I shattered my ankle and had to have reconstructive surgery. The doctors could not believe how fast I recovered. I do enjoy beer, and drink more than the doctors recommends if you know what I mean. Typically, that leads to slower healing and infections, however I still healed weeks ahead of schedule with zero problems by drinking the John Ellis distilled energized water.

    In total about 5 people have purchased a machine since we gave them water to try. The machine is expensive, and most people don’t have the money to purchase one. With that in mind, I can’t even put a number on how many people we gave water to that are now just buying the water until they can get their own machine. This water truly does work, and I wish more people knew about it.

    -James D.




    Varicose Vein Swelling and Pain Healed
    November 21, 2016


    My Grandmother has varicose veins, and her legs were swelling so bad that she could not walk. We started shipping her John Ellis water to drink to see if it would help. Within a month, she no longer had swelling or pain in her legs. She was 78 and walking better than ever.

    -James D.




    Mother with Breast Cancer Secondary Surgery Avoided
    November 21, 2016


    My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. She went through the surgery, and she was not healing properly. Just by chance my dad was talking with one of his customers named Randy. He started to tell my dad about this John Ellis water. Most people are skeptical about the thought of water being able to help cure injuries. He then showed us a picture of his arms from 6 months before with third degree burns and looking at his arms at that time, he had zero scars. They looked completely normal. He brought us two gallons to give to my mother. She started to drink the water daily, and on her next doctor checkup the doctors could not believe how much of a turnaround her healing had done so fast. She went from possibly having another surgery to being ahead of schedule and perfect healing. We immediately purchased a John Ellis machine.

    -James D.




    Bob S. (COPD) Emphysema & Pulmonary Fibrosis Oxygen Levels Increased
    June 27, 2016


    The other day I received an email from you about your new web site, and last night I went to your new site and noticed the testimonial from Rick P. The difference in his COPD caught my interest as I suffer with COPD as well as Pulmonary Fibrosis so breathing and keeping up my oxygen is a big concern to me. I initially tried just adding a few drops to my distilled water, but really didn’t notice much, if any, change. So using the John Ellis Water just fell by the wayside for me. But after reading about Rick P. my thoughts changed a bit.


    Today I am drinking 8 ounces 3 or 4 times during the day, and it seems to have improved my oxygen stats by 2 to 3 points. To give you a prospective 90 is the minimum one should have with a blood oxygen measurement. Even sitting here at my desk with 3 liters of oxygen I was often down to 87 or even lower. Just moving around the house often would leave me out of breath. This morning I drank 8 ounces of John Ellis Water, and shortly thought I noticed a difference. Later that morning I checked my stats at my desk with the usual 3 liters of oxygen going, and I was up to 93 which is a big change. I had another 8 ounces around 2PM this afternoon, and my oxygen was still pretty good. The only time it fell back to around where it had previously been was around 9PM, several hours after my last glass of John Ellis Water. So tonight I drank some, and I show a reading of 91 for oxygen. My thought is I will need to drink it several times during the day, at least for a while.

    -Bob S.




    David B. Type 2 Diabetic Improved Feet Circulation
    June 27, 2016


    I am a type 2 diabetic, and I am trying to use the John Ellis Life Water to improve the circulation in my feet. I plan to soak my feet in some of the water you sending to me because I read somewhere that another diabetic patient benefited from soaking in the Ellis water and improved circulation.

    -David B.




    Bill O. Carotid Artery Blockage Healed
    June 27, 2016


    A few years ago I was diagnosed with a severely plaque blocked right carotid artery. I immediately started back using the John Ellis (“miracle water”). After 2-3 months of using the miracle water I went through some routine tests at the Doctor. They entered the artery through the groin up to and through the carotid artery. The Doctor reported that the artery was reported wide open, and had no restrictions. Is it a miracle? It’s just good old “Miracle Water.”

    -Bill O.




    Rick P. COPD (Emphysema) Improvements
    June 24, 2016


    Thank you for the water I have used it for two days already. I have COPD (emphysema). For the last year and a half I have really gone downhill. Along with this I have sleep apnea, and I sleep with a hydrated bi-pap machine with constant air flow throughout the night. I am not able to walk 50 feet without breaking out into a sweat and being extremely short of breath. I still work, but you can imagine the troubles I have.


    I came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in 1991 and find my contentment in him along with my expectations. I have a friend that told me about this water, so I research it, and I decided to try some of it. When I got your water I drank about a 4oz glass two times a day, and I used it as water in my bi-pap machine. The machine is like a nebulizer, all night long. As I said I’ve only had your water for two days, and I am not as short of breath as I was. I am able to carry heavy weight 150 yards without the stopping and getting shortness of breath. Is it the water? I don’t know but the Lord does. I have many other health issues I will monitor as I continue with the water. I hope this finds you encouraged in the Lord as I am. Perhaps now I can once again become active in his creation as nature is my passion.

    -Rick P.




    John F. Healed of Leukemia
    June 19, 2016


    This is Gibgibbers in Venice Beach, CA. In January 2015 I was diagnosed with low-grade blood infection Leukemia. I drank your water (9 gallons) up until July 2015. I got tested in July, and the results showed I tested negative for leukemia. They found I had some Anemia so now I’m on an very low carbohydrate diet. I’m trying to lose some weight as well.

    -John F.




    Plants Grow Faster With John Ellis Water
    June 15, 2016

    This is what happens to plants when used with John Ellis Water. Notice the incredible growth from the center plant using John Ellis Life Water as compared to conventional distilled water! Imagine what this Life Water can do for your body! Image below.




    Friend Healed of Cancer

    I have had one customer who bought John Ellis water from me because she thought her husband had cancer. They ordered nine gallons, and were drinking it straight to help him detox his body. They ended up finding out he did not have cancer, but they also told me they have a family friend whose cancer went away after drinking John Ellis Water. I cannot confirm or deny these claims but I figured so many people would not buy the Life Water if it did not work in some positive way for them.

    -Robert A.




    John F Blue Veins on Legs Healed
    June 15, 2016


    Good morning this is Gibgibbers in Venice Beach. I just noticed something new since taking John Ellis water. I’ve had a patch of spidery blue veins on the front of my leg since I was in my 20s, and I noticed the other day that the spidery patch has almost completely disappeared. Amazing!

    -John F.




    Paul John C. Achy Muscles Relieved
    June 15, 2016


    I got the water yesterday. Everything came as expected, and I have started using the water. The soap is great and the John Ellis Bath Salts were able to relieve some achy muscles today. I’m looking forward to seeing how the water works for me. I’ll keep you updated on that. Thanks!

    -Paul John C.




    If it were not for John Ellis Water, I have no confidence I could survive the barrage of viruses, pathogens and otherwise dangerous cooties being coughed my way. Unlike many scoffers, I have direct experience with John Ellis Water, and know it to be more effective than anything, including blood purifiers.

    Before drinking John Ellis Water I had been using the John Beck-endorsed Blood Purifier made by Sota Instruments. It worked, and staved off most viral illness, killing infections efficiently. Unfortunately, I got deathly ill with meningitis, and the machine could not save me, even after using it 4-5 times weekly for a year and a half.

    I had seen the ads for John Ellis Water in Mother Earth News a couple of years ago, but could not afford the machine. Great fortune for all, they made it available in corked, glass bottles. It was the only thing I was using, and my meningitis was cured. I subsequently developed cervical cancer, which is also being strongly addressed by John Ellis Water. It goes right to the ailment, whatever it is. I had to leave my employment when I contracted meningitis, and subsequently lost my health insurance. I do not know if all of the cancer is gone, but I went from daily, horrendous pain (which was rapidly spreading), to no pain at all. Even though I do not have definitive allopathic proof of the cancer being in remission, the relief of pain is good enough for now. It is working, and I assume it will continue to work. I guess if you are sick enough, your mind opens.




    7/22/2009 8:14:51 PM

    I own a John Ellis machine. For me, the machine causes several noticeable things to happen. First, I can feel my hands and feet getting very warm after drinking 2 cups. Second, when urinating, I have no difficulty passing the water after drinking it. Prior to using his machine I had difficulty with urination – I am a 49 year old male. Third, it causes an increase in erections at night without any medication or supplements. My cats have a noticeable increase in energy after drinking the water. I firmly believe that the circulation of oxygen in my blood is improved by using the water based on how I feel and how my body reacts to it. At my age, this is an incredible discovery and a great advantage for me. I congratulate John Ellis for his work.

    Gary in Oklahoma




    Dear Mr.Ellis, 6-29-09

    I will get one of your machines soon.Your product helps me tremendously! Headaches are gone immediately. Improved vision with the first gallon I drank. Your product is the health plan I need!
    G.G. Mississippi




    May 26, 2009

    Please send me another bottle of that fine water. It helps me alot. I am 85 but it makes me feel like I am 60. Thanks Milton B. Louisiana.




    3/10/2009 1:26:38 PM

    I am a naturopathic doctor and I have a John Ellis machine. I would not use anything else! I really notice a big difference in how I feel when I run out. While I am distilling another batch I have to drink water from my reverse osmosis machine. It can not compare to the Ellis water. I have had the machine for about 2 years now and love it. Whenever I have had a question, or a rare problem, they are very helpful on the phone. I have never come away feeling as if my question was not answered or that they were not concerned with me as a customer.

    Even my dog loves the water. He will drink bowls of it as opposed to the few mouthfuls of reverse osmosis water that he will drink. Come to find out, reverse osmosis water is processed with radiation in order to make the water molecules small enough to go through the holes. NO THANK YOU!! If the Ellis machine ever breaks or wears out, because I use it every other day, then I will certainly buy another one from Mr. Ellis.




    1/6/2009 1:02:00 PM

    After receiving and using the machine, I have been very happy with the results. Some of them are remarkable and others are just convenient.

    Ice cubes last longer
    Friends ask if they can take water home after dinner ( I tell no one about this machine)
    Everything taste fresher and better
    I am stronger and sharper, at almost 50, than ever before
    There are many more benefits, but the bottom line is the machine works and a comparable distilling machine is going to cost at least 1300. At this level, the extra few hundred is a product you can afford.

    The bottom line is that the machine produces a different type of water that can be tasted. I always get the comment that my water tastes light. Remember, I do not disclose that I am producing the water. In my area the water is hard and nasty. Everyone uses purified water in many forms. We have to.

    I am and will be pleased with this purchase for many years. I just do not want to tell folks my secret. I gave away water for the holidays and everyone was more then happy to get the gift. Imagine that. I think that sums it up.




    Dear Mr. Ellis,

    Thank you for all of your help, patience, and time in answering my many questions and phone call regarding your amazing Living Water and Air Machines. I always try to research in detail everything I can that has to do with any purchase, especially when it comes to equipment and machines. With the topic of water filtration systems it becomes even more involved, with the many products that have been on the market, and the newer ones, all claiming to be the best.

    I spoke to many companies, and yet with all theirs claims no one talks about the disease markers and the disease memory that is in all water, no matter what filtration or purification process it went through. No one speaks about electrons that kill the free radicals that cause cancer. No one mentions the fact that all water as we know it, cannot hold free oxygen electrons that act asantioxidants, or free radicals killers. No one talks about the structure of water, and permanently breaking the extremely tight hydrogen bonds, which is the key to having the water products permanently hold these electrons. No one, especially the manufacturers of oxygenated water products, explain the fact that oxygen is a two edged sword. It is needed for life, yet its high reactivity robs electrons and causes free radicals that cause cancer and other diseases. And no one tells us the simple truth that everything is electrons, including you!


    And still after all of this, we need proof. Well, we can prove it to ourselves. I do not own a hot tub, but my niece has a small, two inch, fresh water African frog named Henry. These frogs live under the water. He is in a 4 gallon plastic tank with some colored rocks and fish tank decorations. It was filled with tap water. Three months ago I bought a small inexpensive air pump with a small carbon filter, so that I could save my sister the trouble of changing the water every five days. That is all, no chemicals or aquarium products added. Without the air pump and filter, the water would get cloudy and smell after about five days.

    I was fortunate enough to get a sample of Electron Energized Distilled Water made from a LWM Electron 4 Machine, and now it was time to prove it myself. I took the air pump and filter out the tank. I left all the same water in the tank, with all of the waste and food from the previous three months. I did not even wipe or clean the sides of the top of the tank above the water line, which were covered with a layer of film. I poured into the tank about 10 oz of the energized distilled, which is equal to about 2% of the 4 gallons. Then I let it sit stagnant and accumulate the waste and decaying food.


    It has been 4 weeks and the water is still CRYSTAL CLEAR, and it still smells clean and Henry is doing great. In fact when I first poured it in, he came out of his hiding place.


    You do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what happened here, nor do you need elaborate testing equipment. When the bacterial infestation gets out of control, you can see it and smell it. This would normally start to happen after about five days, not to mention the fact that each additional day would compound the problem. Just by adding 2% of THE WATER to the water, it has remained clean and clear after 4 weeks. Amazing, powerful, and miraculous. I said to myself, If it can do that to Henrys water, imagine what it can do in your body!


    Thank you for making your Living Water and Air Machines available to us, and for increasing the electrons added! The LWM ELECTRON 4 is the most amazing, well built, and ingenious thing I ever bought and I love it. It is a precision work horse! It is hard to believe that something so simple can produce such amazing results. But that is the beauty of simplicity -there is more to it than meets the eye. Underneath the surface, it goes infinitely deep. I thank God that I found out about Crystal Clear and pray that I am able to write to you again with even more miraculous testimonies! Thank you Mr. Ellis and God bless you

    Sincerely, Chuck Yagiar




    Date: 2/2/2007 8:52:11 PM

    Plant root growth is pronounced. I am currently growing a jade plant on my windowsill, for about 3 months, using nothing but the water produced by the Ellis machine. I have added no nutrients. I have not done a side by side experiment, but the water is still crystal clear and the jade is thriving. I also have had aquariums which had their filters turned off for months with no algae growth or smell of any kind. I also have grown an 11 inch ice spike from this water which still amazes most to this day. I can not explain that one, but I have photos!

    Subject: Re: John Ellis water machine
    From: sesqueterpene-ga on 25 Mar 2006 13:14 PST
    I purchased one of the John Ellis machines over a year ago. I realized
    that it was an expensive risk, but I simply had not found any other
    water I could drink. I had tried everything, and everything made me

    This water is fantastic.

    I noticed a number of significant health benefits on the very first
    day. Drinking this water, I felt better than I had in years.

    Call it pseudoscience or quackery or snake oil if you like; but you
    have not experienced the difference it can make.

    I will not drink anything else.









    Comment added by Dalton Reynolds on 5/24/05
    BTW: I bought one several months ago and YES as the Inventor claims, it does everything and then some … There are many uses for the water this machine produces … Like it kills a virus in a heart beat …and the health of our baby … perfect water … plants grow bigger … coffee tastes better … my health has improved 100% since drinking the water …. so my advice is to listen to someone that has one of these machines and DO NOT listen to somebody that tells you what they think, knowing that they have not used one … DR




    Comment added by Wg Reed on 5/24/05
    I have been using the Number Four machine for 18 months. I used it in France and now in South America. Every morning I have trays of ice with vertical growing icicles growing out of my ice trays.










    Comment added by Andrew Moyle on 8/22/04
    I have been drinking electron 4 water for about 9 months. The grey hair that was starting to spread is now almost totally gone. I have been through some fairly severe detoxing but that seems now to be over. My energy levels have never been better and some of those nagging, ongoing illnesses seem to have totally gone. I drink about three litres per day and now I find myself in a panic when I travel overseas for work and cannot take my water. I cannot see myself drinking anything else, ever.
    Andrew 43, Australia










    -JOE R.


    What is a pterygium? [pronounced tuh-rij-ee-uhm]


    A pterygium is a benign winged-shaped growth of tissue that can expand over the cornea (the clear front window to the eye). It may remain small and not require any treatment or may grow large enough to interfere with vision. Growth usually occurs slowly, over many years, but can also have periods of rapid growth. A pterygium most commonly grows from the nasal corner of the eye.

    How is pterygium treated?


    Protecting your eyes from excessive ultraviolet light with proper sunglasses, wearing a hat and avoiding dry and dusty conditions can be the best way to reduce unwanted symptoms. When a pterygium becomes red and irritated, eye drops or ointments may be used to reduce the inflammation. If the pterygium becomes large enough to threaten your vision or causes significant discomfort, surgery may be necessary.

    How is it surgically removed?


    Surgery is minimally invasive and takes roughly 20-30 minutes. The pterygium is first carefully peeled, then a tissue graft is harvested from beneath your upper eyelid and placed over the removal site to reduce the chance of recurrence. The graft is usually secured with tissue glue and rarely needs sutures. The site where the tissue is harvested heals on its own.




    What I can say so far after drinking the living water- even hot - my 50 year lasting pain in an intestinal diverticle had gone (!!!!!).....and the sensations in my prostate since 4 years has gone!!! MIRACLES HAPPEN!! I AM PART OF IT !!! Today I called the urologist and have appointment to make the 2 PSA tests and a new sonography to see if the size turned to normal and the shadows have gone!....big hope!!!! As of metabolic toxifications with benzol, mercury, asbest, zinc gas, phosphoric gas, thiosulfats, formaldehyds....during a hard working life, mostly in my chemical laborstory, I was freezing since the late 80s - feeling cold even in the heat.....low energy....After the first 3 hours of drinking your living water, I stopped freezing and felt warm. For 3 hrs I did inhale the steam and my bronchial itching and my sinitis went away. After 48 hrs my foot pain as of auto agressive immune system started to get less. Now after 3 days its gone!!!!! My urin that is normally very transparent (water color like) ad I drink a lot of hot water or green tea, started do get yellow and smells little stronger. After all: very wonderful!!! Also having diplome for naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine and even was personally testef by Dalai Lamas former private doctor. He was so fascinated and amazed about ny talents, that he gave me his personal permission to heal Tibetan medicine and even gotvthe honour to get the kala chakra initiation and blessings from 2nd highest man behind Dalai Lama. I have learnt and practised a very lot. I was with Grander, Doyuk, Gross and other water specialists....did treat myself a very lot and would be dead since many years without that..... BUT.....now it seems there is a big breakthrough!!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS INVENTION!!!.... Now: here is something I cannot promise so far, but a good friend of mine has a good friend who works for C.E.R.N. in Geneve.... you know: the most advanced technological center that even work with quarks and anti matter. If soneone can test your bonding angle, it is them!!! dont know if they would do it and what it would cost!!! Must find out when I am in Switzerland during October. Now I have a question: do you build far bigger versions of your resctor? Want to produce big amounts of your water and sell in Europe as Holy Water. Cannot talk about sny healing or treated water: would be framed!... but holy water, blessed water, saint water is religion and cannot be stopped. Ok: before more tests to verify all the effects and even heal other prople to get testimonials and internet posts sbout the miraculous healing effects of the holy blessed water..... We talk soon again!!! So glad I was guided to meet you and your technology!!!



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